1998 AS350 B3 Serial Numbers 3117

Turbine Helicopter
$1,450,000 USD

1998 AS350 B3 Serial Numbers 3117:
Price: $ 1,450,000 USD
Aircraft made in France by Eurocopter sold by Helibras.

See French airworthiness civil aviation certificate for export at the time of production in France.

Sold by Helibras only.

This aircraft is not listed in Eurocopter document L102-001 aircrafts manufactured under Helibras license and considering Helibras as the manufacturer.

As per note 10 and 11 mentioned in the F.A.A. Type Certificate H9EU, Data plates does not mention ‘’HB’’ prefix But “AS 350 B3“prefix.

This aircraft is eligible for sale in the US.

Please check on Eurocopter list joint in this mail.

Year of construction: September 1998.

Last 12 Year / G inspection 31 / 10 / 2003 At Total Time Airframe: 1306:43 Hrs.

Aircraft complete rebuild reassembly by our shop based on brain new Eurocopter pre-assembly fuselage produce by Eurocopter taken out of production line for us.

Time since 12 years inspection 5053:02 Hrs.

Total time airframe: 6359:45 Hrs. 18/02/2013
Total landing: 15220 CY. 18/02/2013

Next G inspection: Due at 31/04/2016.

Motor Arriel 2 B Serial Number 22272.

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